Nelly Steal Da Show Lyrics

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Steal Da Show is a song played by Nelly.

(City Spud)

Yo, ‘for the nigga mention my name I let him know the deal

I’m the nigga, same nigga, thought was a lame nigga

Now I push a Range nigga, you know the name nigga

Peep the Iceberg jeans, the ice chain nigga

And if I got beef I let the whole world know it

So if you got beef let the whole world know it

Yaun take it to the streets let the whole world know it

It’s the chance for your big career, don’t blow it

Or get it blown from the top gun nigga

I ain’t finished talkin ’bout it ’till ya top gone nigga

Dissin my crew you catch hot ones

I’m hot son, yo that’s why I carry hot guns

I’m on a beach in L.A. fuckin fly misses

While you niggas at the crib tryna’ find misses

Yo I’m gettin head from the Mexican dime bitches

Them niggas mad ’cause they riches ain’t like my riches

(Murphey Lee)

A yo, I’m Murphey Lee the school boy

The civilized jewel boy

I got not one, two, three, four, five, but six whores

For equality, vocal ??? and wallabies

I smoke la like ??? it got me boomin like bad-a-bing

Rap, don’t gotta sing ’cause I get my hum on

Actually I get hummed on

Hoes tongues be on my dong dong

??? long, head at night, head in the morn

Lunatic, five strong, king kong’s are writin songs

Cats be gettin gone thinkin they got it goin on

Folks brought you a brawl, it all started in ya home

Check the background, St. Louis clown from the U-Town

Fourteen, pimp of the year like Dru Down

Same crew now, it’s too damn quiet but too loud

Hoes be pretendin always sayin they too proud

If I ruled the world, I do now

Me and the ‘Tics ’bout to rack ’em and move the crowd

(Hook – Lunatics) 2x

Call the cops, I see a robbery in progress

Lunatics about to steal the show

(Where you from?)

From the S-T-L, M-O, 3-1-4


I rip grass and smash, with a 44 mag

This nigga jag, from the front to the back I heard it crash

Nigga ??? ??? hurt ’em bad, you heard him laugh

Talkin trash ’bout whoopin

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